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First of all i would like to clarify that this blog has nothing to to do with Mango Dolly.So, people looking for pictures of South Indian porn stars will be highly dissapointed.I could say that this blog aims at highlighting the hypocrisy in today's society.But,fuck it.The truth is since internet is cheap and they don't sue for writing crap,i have started this blog to bitch about politicians,celebs,women,famous people, not so famous people,life,people,ex-crushes ,etc.In short everybody and everything.So, start reading.

Thursday, 26 November 2009


You might forget this date.And why shouldnot u? coz you are so engrossed in your business of living ,as you tend to put it, that for you every massacare becomes an event worth forgetting.you take out processions,burn candles, shout slogans against politicians and every other individual or instituition possible ,shed fake tears and shout over roof tops about a revolution that will hardly occur.You talk about, in your in manicured tongue ,the hows & whys of what happened in public debates glamourising the story behind 170 corpses .The very next day you erase from your memory of those who bled,of those who lost someone who will never return,of those whose tears that shall never dry up.
But i will not forget.I will remember every bullet that was fired,I will count every drop of blood that was shed,every droplet of tear that trickled down the eyes.I will remember every body that fell & salute every person who took the bullet for us.I will remember every single promise that never materialised,every step that was never taken ,every hand that didnot come out for help.Iwill not forget anything for if I forget today tomorrow will be even more messier,bloodier & darker.

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  1. very good....i absolutely agree with ..'..
    a year has passed this invasion took place in mumbai .....but still our politicians are playing
    rot politics with this issue...
    we must stand tall and fight the terrorism together