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First of all i would like to clarify that this blog has nothing to to do with Mango Dolly.So, people looking for pictures of South Indian porn stars will be highly dissapointed.I could say that this blog aims at highlighting the hypocrisy in today's society.But,fuck it.The truth is since internet is cheap and they don't sue for writing crap,i have started this blog to bitch about politicians,celebs,women,famous people, not so famous people,life,people,ex-crushes ,etc.In short everybody and everything.So, start reading.

Monday, 25 January 2010


On 26 Jan this year as India turns a 60 year old republic,looking back in time we don't have much to boast about.We have the largest number of hungry people in the world,we have the worst rankings in corruption & human development index,our literacy rate is 68% or to put it in a straightforward way a little more than half of our population is lucky enough to get educated.Our education system is in ruins especially in the rural areas where we don't have enough teachers or enough students.India's total number of Olympic medals is humbled by china's achievements in a single year. Amidst these tainted milestones one achievement stands out though.India's reputation of being the world's largest democracy.The world looks at 11 billion odd people with respect for making a country one of the greatest democratic successes ever.But Alas! Only some know the truth. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Unlike other successful democratic counterparts election process in India is a different ball game.Here is a democracy where a man wins votes by distributing motorcycles & ends up usurping 4000cr. of public money, where votes are won not on developmental issues but by dividing people on communal and ethnic lines,be it the Ram temple or the marathi issue.This is a country where people are more concerned about their rights than their duties, where half the population doesn't even bother to vote.This being a country where people live like aliens in their on country,with no compassion & dead patriotism.Where voting is marred by ruined ethics,where the game of power is played crushing & crumbling the soul of democracy,where private interests weigh over national interests,where different communities,clans,religions & groups fight against the nation as a whole for their selfish interests the dome of democracy is bound to fall. Democracy in India is a fallen fort with crumbling walls with the prisoners standing as guards themselves. -----------------------------------------------------
Why has India made a mockery of itself? Why the democratic attire of ours is now crinkled,maligned & tarnished? Look beneath your soul & you might find the answer but might not like it.Today i ask myself the question as to what we truly are-World's largest democracy or world's most pathetic democracy.
----------------------------Open your eyes before it is too late to save the slowly dying Indian within us.

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