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First of all i would like to clarify that this blog has nothing to to do with Mango Dolly.So, people looking for pictures of South Indian porn stars will be highly dissapointed.I could say that this blog aims at highlighting the hypocrisy in today's society.But,fuck it.The truth is since internet is cheap and they don't sue for writing crap,i have started this blog to bitch about politicians,celebs,women,famous people, not so famous people,life,people,ex-crushes ,etc.In short everybody and everything.So, start reading.

Thursday, 11 February 2010


I closed my eyes;A drop of tear rolled down my chin.I opened it again & i saw a black man staring at me through the shiny surface of the mirror.I was ashamed to look at him.I had not realised his presence earlier.He didnot seem to exist in the past.But that fateful day you pulled me out of my closet & made me look at a dark figure with wet eyes & a wrinkled forehead instead of the person who used to stand there earlier.You made me realise that he was a black man; I was a black man.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You taught me that my colour was my sin,a sin which i had no hand in.May be God was the culprit,may be my ancestors were responsible or better still it might have been the work of the Sun God.I just didnot know.You thought your skin was more precious than my blood.I bled because of you,infront of you,for you.I was mocked,beaten,thrashed,insulted just because i didnot have a lighter skin.I am a victim of fallacy,misjudged & misrepresented.But who am i to blame, the God who chose to paint me in a colour that eroded me of my dignity or you who snatched away my self respect that was supposed to be my birth right.I cant create a revolution,i cant change the mindset of billions of people. I am just a weak person fighting for my right to live with intergrity & dignity.Donot deny this to me.Take the peel off & you will find a soul ,pure, starving for love.The peel doesnot matter, it never did. ................................................................................ Uphold the essence of humanity before its very defination sounds hypocritic.

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  1. i knew it for whom you have written this....(kali)
    definitely she will love this.....and mama jenny (my name is khan) is waiting for you go and marry her....