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Tuesday, 27 July 2010




Dreaming about a dream job had never occurred to me. May be i was too busy for the last 16 years ruining my career that i hadn't given it much thought.But when suddenly this idea struck me,i started pondering as to what my dream job should be.There are around 25 lakh different types of jobs 99% of which i am not qualified for.And when you are in a third grade engineering college with crap marks & a ruined future you are not left with many options.Nevertheless, i started thinking about different jobs comparing their pros against their cons to ultimately decide my dream job.Suddenly i had my first option: To be a politician.

Now,you should be a politician because :

1. It's the only job that doesn't require a mark sheet.And given the academics i have this would probably be my best option.
2.The only job where you don't actually have to do much and yet you earn a lot of money.
3. The only job that puts you on tv and newspapers giving you the status of a celeb.Doesn't matter if your face resembles a puckered tomato.
   But the stereotyped Indian within me who loathes politicians as if it were his birth right ,put  brakes on my dreams.
   "Dude,better be unemployed than be a politician"-he said.
   So,i had to explore other options. then, i suddenly suddenly remembered my childhood passion of becoming a rock star.
   You should be a rock star because:
  It's the only job where you can jump around like a mad man in front of a million people in the weirdest costume civilization has ever witnessed,singing something(read screaming) no one actually understands and yet be regarded cool.
  I was so inspired by the likes of Jimi Hendrix that i had started pursuing my dream career by singing & composing rock music,when i was 11 years old.The effect of my efforts was that the sales of amrutanjan in the neighborhood shot up by 25%.My dad told me that if i wanted humanity not to evade my colony i should better stop. So, i had to let go of my dream.
   Now back to ground zero while i was still searching for my dream job ,i suddenly got it.The mother of all career options. To be a footballer.
    You should be a footballer because(well, the real question is why would anyone not want to be a footballer!):
    You get a million dollar paycheck.One of the world's hottest girl becomes your girlfriend.There are around  6 billion people
   literally worshiping you.And for what? Because you know how how to kick a ball a little better than others do.
   There was a small problem achieving this goal.I don't know how to kick the ball.Let alone me ,the whole of India doesn't know how to kick a ball. Don't believe me? Check out India's ranking in football.
   So,these were some of my aspirations that didn't materialize.Now,i am headed to be in the world's most boring job.Yeah you guessed it right.I am about to become an engineer.A job where there are no challenges, no passion involved.You aren't actually going to change the world.You are working day & night so that some fat man earns a billion bucks out of you & other losers like you.
  Guys i couldn't be in my dream job.Hope you get to be in yours.


  1. Nice post, I really liked your writing style. I was wondering why nobody aspired to be a foot-baller yet.

    Good luck with the contest.

  2. Haha nice post! The engineering blood in me cant help but say that life as an engineer isin't that bad. There are challenges if you seek them and you don't always have to work for a fat man :p

    On the other hand, keep searching, you never know you may just realise what your true passion in life is. Then the mark sheet won't matter and neither the engineering college. Good luck with it!

  3. @ moumita : thnx a lot.and regardin the contest same 2 u.

  4. @curious: thnx for ur comm. & inspiring words

  5. WOW !!!!!!!!! just amazing.....

  6. Do mention about your dream of becoming a doctor