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Saturday, 3 July 2010

who are you blaming ,dude???

Monday morning i was heading for forum mart,one of the only four malls in my city.Living in a small city can have its own advantages ,one being this.The minimal number of malls severely curtails hang out options,especially for the girls.So,the chances of checking out hot girls at forum mart are pretty high(where else would they go)
I took an auto & i found a 'bengali bhadralok'  sitting there.He was blabbering to himself.-"this kontryyyyyy haaaas gonnnnn to dogs.udibabbaaaa!!!loooook at theeeeeeeeeeeese dartyyy  estreets....govarmente iss ussuless".Saying this he threw approximately 500ml of red spit into the already colored roads adding his own touch to them."Congrats uncle you just gained membership to the extremely prestigious club who contribute their valuable spit to the roads increasing their aura further."-i whispered
"what"-he roared.
"Nothing.You continue uncle" -i replied flatly.
He looked at me as if i was some worthless piece of shit not worth caring(which i actually was) & looked the other side continuing his blabbering.
A few minutes later i got rid of the auto & also the uncle.By the time i left him he had covered half the problems faced by independent india & his spit had covered half the road area from Rajmahal to forum mart.
I went straight to the mall ,took an ice cream & started looking for girls.While still on search mode i saw faces;lot many faces,angry ,frustrated ,complaining about one thing or the other.(Basically i am not much into studies.So,it gives me enough time to ponder about things which do not come under my area of concern)
     If you have the capability to look into every person in detail you will find 110 crore people pointing fingers at each other.
      We are not a happy country.We are frustrated because the govt. is not working properly, because the price of anything that comes under our range of vision will give Burj Dubai a run for its money.We are not happy because the roads have more potholes than there are stars in the sky,because every legal activity here begins with  an illegal activity(under the table business,you see) because the cities more or less look like large dustbins,because justice here has become Alphonso mangoes-not easily available.there are so many 'because's in our system that if a tortoise was asked to read them out he won't be able to complete the list within his lifetime.Mind you,tortoises live for 180 years.we have been unhappy for so many years that it has become a state of being.What is the cause of our frustration?Why is everything so screwed here?
     Start making a list of all the defects in the system  & start reading it upside down.(not literally assholes)It will go some what like this.We are unhappy because  we are downright corrupt,because we believe that public property is our in-laws property,because we are highly inspired by the movie's dialogue"rules are meant to be broken"and follow it to the earnest,because our political structure is a reflection of our own attitude & morals,because the shambles we are in is a product of our own actions.
      The idea of victimization doesn't sound so convincing after all.The hand that stabbed us is our own.Who are you blaming? Who are you pointing your finger at?By blaming the system you are actually kicking your own ass because the system itself is all but you.Remove the complaint box hanging by your neck & look into others' complaint box.You will find your name in it.Start cleaning up the complains piled at your doorstep & you might have a better tomorrow.
      As these Che Guevara type thoughts were bungee jumping in my brain i saw Mayanti Langer's doppelganger cross me.My brain quickly recycled my thoughts which now had started scanning girls around me.I threw the wrapper of the ice cream into the street & ran for Mayanti.The wrapper lay there amidst other wrappers thrown by  millions of  those so called responsible citizens of the nation.
                   We all are hypocrites.Ain't we?


  1. Interesting post and very relatable as well. Maybe the problem is the feeling of helplessness or not realising your potential. People think they can't make a difference and therefore people point fingers and wait for someone to do something...

    Hypocrites is a rather harsh statement, maybe you are right. But maybe some people dont even realise they are doing what they want others to stop, ignorance maybe or is it simple a chain effect? One person takes a bribe, the other even if he doesent want to is helpless sometimes because of the actions of the first. If he doesent how is he going to pay for the rising costs caused by others accumulating money through illegal sources?

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